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Anti-centromeric antibodies

Anti-centromeric antibodies are autoantibodies - proteins produced by the immune system, which are directed to the body's own tissues. Antitsentromernite antibodies are one of several types of antinuclear antibodies and attack centromere - component of the chromosomes in the cell nucleus. Testing antitsentromerni antibodies used for detection in the blood which helps diagnosis of one of the forms of scleroderma.
In which case it is recommended that research?
Test antitsentromerni antibodies can be done when the patient has a positive test for antinuclear antibodies and one or more of the symptoms chair. These include:
Calcinosis - calcium deposits under the skin
Raynaud's phenomenon - episodes of reduced blood flow to the distal extremities and fingers, which are manifested by changes in color (pale, bruising)
Esophageal dysfunction - difficulty swallowing, reflux of stomach acid, heartburn
Sklerodaktiliya - taut, thick and shiny skin of the fingers and hands
Telangiectasia - red spots on the skin caused by swollen capillaries
Do I need prior training?
No special preparation for test antitsentromerni antibodies.
A method of conducting the survey:
For testing of antibodies antitsentromerni blood sample is taken by inserting the needle into an arm vein.
What do you feel during the test?
You may feel a slight prick of the needle.
Are there risks of conducting research?
Among the rare complications are hematoma (small hemorrhage under the skin), phlebitis (inflammation of the vein locally) and prolonged bleeding from the site of entry of the needle.
Results from the survey:
If the patient has a positive test for antibodies antitsentromerni and manifested symptoms of the chair, then most likely it is a limited form of scleroderma. Antitsentromerni antibodies are found in 60-80% of people with limited cutaneous scleroderma and in 90% of patients with Crest syndrome.
When the test is negative, it is likely that the symptoms are caused by another condition. However, a negative test for antibodies antitsentromerni not completely exclude scleroderma.
When you should do research?
No contraindications for the examination.